Healing Separation by Doing…..Nothing

Healing is not always a pretty process. While we may love the idea of being healed, there is a lot of dedication and effort that goes into the process.

The hardest thing to do sometimes, is nothing.

When you feel triggered and need to vent your anger, sadness or fear…..do nothing.

Why waste those emotions on a hollow retaliation when you can turn that powerful energy inward and heal the part of you that is being triggered?

No separation here! Daena and I don’t always agree on everything, but even when we don’t, our love and respect for each other shines through.

When you are healed of what triggers your negative emotions, you can help heal others by showing them love and understanding.

It can be hard to love some people, especially when they are ranting and being mean, but they need love the most, and when you have healed yourself, you will find them easy to love.

Your Angels can help you to start the healing process that ends in unity of all souls. And it all starts with doing nothing.

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