Holding On to Your Power

These days, life can feel out of control. You may feel like a puppet of the Universe, unable to do anything to change your life for the better. Many feel this way and while some will work through their issues, others will seek to empower themselves by disempowering others. 

In reality, no one can take your power. But they can convinced you to give it away. 

How do they do this? By making you want to give it away. 

The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz did this quite expertly with the apple tree spirits. The trees didn't want to give away their fruit. But the Scarecrow baited them into throwing them at the hungry travelers. Hence, they gave away, willingly what they valued the most. 

When people bait you into arguments and call you names to draw you into a fight or conflict, they do the same thing. You become so blinded with anger, that you give away your positive energy and peace. When you do this, they "win." Not that there is any prize, just a brief swelling of pride that feels good for a moment. 

This is the equivalent of spiritual "junk food." There is a momentary "high" followed by a drop in energy that must be replenished. That is why being around argumentative people can feel so draining. 

It takes practice not to allow people to do this, but once you do, peace becomes your "normal" and you will not be so willing to engage with them.

Your beautiful, delicious, red apples belong to you. Don't let a silly scarecrow convince you to give them away! Become the peace you want to see in the world, and you will soon create around you, a world of peace. 

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