Holistic Nutrition with Renee

For several years we have been plagued with the epidemic of obesity and poor health in our country. Many believe that it is the result of overeating and that simply isn’t true. There are several other factors to consider, including metabolic, digestive, and hormonal conditions that can alter a person’s weight and health status, as well as the foods we are choosing. Gaining perspective to our habits and taking a closer look at patterns of behavior, as well as health status, can change the course of your life.

That is why a holistic approach to nutrition is so different. It’s about each person; specifically, about their lifestyle. It’s about understanding one’s medical history, physical and emotional health, as well as occupational, spiritual, social, and environmental health. The assessment and analysis of these separate categories as one is what supports positive change. This approach is designed to educate and empower each person by developing a strong skillset that promote healthy choices.

Each person requires care and understanding, because each person is unique. After working with over 700 clients I can honestly say that each person is contending with their own reality that is quite different from another’s. There are so many different reasons why people lose track of their health or what they are putting into their body. Our lives tend to become very busy and we forget that we can use food as functional medicine to provide us with more energy, a stronger immune system, reduce inflammation, and think more clearly.

What’s more is that nutrition appointments are easier than you think! The development of a strong and comprehensive program designed to fit your life is the power path to success. Face-to-face visits in person or via Skype are available each month, and you will also receive weekly emails of encouragement, support, and accountability to keep you on track with your eye on the prize.

Call to book your nutrition consult, and live the life you not only dream of, but deserve!

Prices that suit your needs:

30 minutes $88

60 minutes $111

60 minutes with weekly correspondence $144

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