Honor the Feminine Divine

What an incredible week filled with powerful energy! We are experiencing Mercury Retrograde, the Summer Solstice, a New Moon, and Solar Eclipse all by the end of the week. This is bringing in energy that has the potential to shift the course of your life. This means new patterns, relationships, and absolute transformation. All of these transitions will be taking place in the sign of Cancer. 

The sign of Cancer represents Goddess and Mother energy, and is ruled by the Moon. It wants to comfort and nurture us in these uncertain times, and call us to our power. The power of feminine divine. 

Mercury Retrograde is calling us back to our homes. It is warning us about traveling and venturing out too far from our domestic space. This is where the work needs to be done right now - home & family. 

To learn more about this month's Mercury Retrograde click here.

Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn are focused on what is occurring among government and political agendas. But, over the next three weeks we need to pull back and reassess what is important to us on a very personal level.

Network and social media should be observed with great discrimination, so you are not taking on too much of their influence. For this focus on throat, heart, and sacral chakras. 

The Summer Solstice is also known as “Litha” and is a time of honoring the Goddess energy of Mother Earth and her bounty of fruits. The ancients knew this to be a great day where the light of the Sun god would bless the lands with warmth and fertility. The Goddess’s pregnant belly blessing the land and its people.

The month of June was named after “Juno,” the wife of Jupiter and the Goddess of women, pregnancy, and childbirth.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year with the shortest hours of darkness. This day is celebrated in with festival of fire and water to honor the balance of the two energies that fertilize the Great Mother with life. The faeries are especially known to be out and about playing games and causing a bit of mischief. 

As the New Moon and Solar Eclipse are also sharing the Summer Solstice they are enhancing each other’s energy. We are being called to change what has been familiar and to follow our intuition and empathic gifts. It is time to leave the old behind. 

Old ways of doing and thinking no longer matter now, for what is at stake is of great consequence. It is time to make new memories and to put our homes in order. We all embody Goddess energy, and with her comfort and support also comes great strength. We take responsibility for ourselves and our choices.

We are to be birthing new life into the world in the shape of new ways of thinking and being, releasing that which is outdated and outdone. The Divine Feminine is calling you to action.

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 Renee Masse is a gifted astrologer, empath, holistic nutritionist, and certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Her spiritual quest began before she was a teenager, and has lead to many metaphysical studies. Her passion is not only to practice and teach Reiki, but to educate and counsel individuals to honor, understand, and evolve through the ancient art of astrology. Renee views the natal chart as a metaphorical fingerprint that highlights each person's uniqueness and how each one contributes to the whole. In addition to natal charts, Renee also loves counseling couples on compatibility, and doing children's charts. This helps parents understand their child in a different sense that can lead to better support and growth.

Her interest in the metaphysical had lead her to working with Oracle. At the age of 16 she had learned how to decipher and interpret Tarot cards and ancient Runes. Using this method, as well as channeling and using her empathic gifts, can help to support and guide you on your journey.
Renee graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science in 2012, and has since worked with over 700 clients by educating to better nutrition, as well as supporting healthy weight loss, and weight management. Her holistic approach is what is incredibly empowering to her clients, and promises long term results.
Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui-Tibetan, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki modalities and is facilitating our Reiki Circle on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm. Renee is also now an ordained minister.

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