How to Give Like an Angel

While you should never sacrifice your safety for simple generosity, you may feel moved  during the cold, winter months to give to a person in need.

The big controversy is that if you give, the money will be wasted on drugs or alcohol, that you would be enabling the person rather than truly helping them. Certainly, in some instances, this is what happens.

As in all things, when you judge one member of society based on general ideas and stereotypes of the group, truly needy people can fall through the cracks.

My friend, Coco, has mastered the art of giving without expectations, just as the Angels do.
My friend, Coco, has mastered the art of giving without expectations, just as the Angels do.

Do not let stories of people taking advantage of the kindness of others dissuade you from trying to help.

For every homeless person who spends money on drugs or alcohol, there is one who would use the money to feed his hungry child, or buy a bottle of water to share with the thirsty but loyal dog who has stayed by his side through good times and bad.

Spirit works in mysterious ways. The person who bought a bottle of alcohol, may remember your generosity and use the next donation more wisely, even sharing with those around them.

Formerly successful people occasionally fall on hard times. Your gift may give them hope and inspiration to try again.

Do not give from guilt, but do not refrain from giving because of an attachment to how your gift will be used.

The Angels give us gifts: signs, energies, and inspirations that we are free to use as we wish. If we ignore or squander these gifts, the Angels still love us.

If you want to be a Holiday (or any day) Angel to someone, give without expectations. To one person, you may be a temporary crutch, to another you are the miracle they have been waiting for.

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