July Full Moon

The full moon is almost upon us! Are you feeling it?

This moon has been named, Thunder moon, Buck Moon and Blessing moon. It will occur on Sunday, but the effects can be felt before and after the actual full moon.

This moon rises in Capricorn and the partnership between the two can be uncomfortable. This is reflected in our relationships with others.

Be especially mindful of your words and actions and try not to take anything personally.

It might even be good during this moon to spend time by yourself and become aware of your own inner turmoils so that you don't have to experience them in your relationships.

Awareness is preparedness. If you stay focused on your energy and know that interactions with others may be tricky, you can protect yourself from unwanted energies and situations.

Every lesson is a blessing in disguise. Learn those lessons in your own personal space and build a better relationship with yourself.

Have a great full moon and don't wake the neighbors with your howling.



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