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Jupiter Goes Direct- Time to Get Moving!

Our summer of retrograde planets is still very much in effect, however, the first of those planets has finally gone direct.

Jupiter, the planet of motivation and leadership is going direct on July 10th. We tend to think of retrograde planets as being negative, but this one gives us time to pause and think. 

Jupiter is the planet that represents our values and spiritual beliefs. This time has given us a chance to evaluate, and if needed, reset our moral compass.

So, what does Jupiter direct mean? 

Nap time is over!

If you felt lacking in motivation, you will start to feel that slowly return. 

Hopefully, if you have kept on track with your spiritual clearing, you will be ready for this. If not, you may feel like you are being dragged by a very strong current. Just remember the rule for being caught in a riptide: don't panic, and don't fight it. 

Ask your guides for help, and you will be able to ride it out, or be given a safe place on the shore until the waters are calmer. 

May your journey be a rewarding one!

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