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Jupiter Takes a Turn in Retrograde

Since November of 2018, our solar system's largest planet has been comfortably orbiting within its native constellation of Sagittarius. Jupiter is connected to the sign of Sagittarius, as it is the sign of idealism, keen perception, as well as philosophy and wisdom. Sagittarius is a fire sign symbolized by the archer, or centaur, shooting his arrow towards a bright and optimistic future. This has enabled the planet of fortune and expansion to shine a special light into our lives one way or another.

Even though the first three months 2019 had brought its own set of challenges for many people, based on a variety of planetary transits, it hasn't all been bad. Jupiter calls to us to look on the bright side, and see the glass half full. Take some time to think of different areas in your life that has been able to expand and grow.
All planets at one time or another will enter into a retrograde cycle, but not all retrogrades are created equal.

Jupiter is often associated with luck and the bringer of joyful events and encounters. This does not mean that Jupiter in retrograde translates to a reversal of these things, causing bad luck or stunting one's growth. Each year this lucky planet undergoes a retrograde transit, and lasts for four months, this transit ending August 11, 2019. Mercury's retrograde transit is three weeks long, leading to a more abrupt personal shift. Planets that endure a longer reversed period will demonstrate more gentle characteristics.

Jupiter in retrograde is an excellent opportunity for you to really hone in and observe the silver lining in life. Take a closer look at some of the blessings that you have been graced with, perhaps you did not recognize at the time. There are messages everywhere, and in all the details that surround our daily life. This is the perfect chance for you to look for the answers you seek in an outward manner, versus the Mercury retrograde that prompts inner reflective work to be done. Take time to expand your world by reading, writing, traveling, or taking a class, Look back on the changes that have taken place in the last four months, since Jupiter entered Sagittarius and how you have grown.

To gain a clearer insight to how these opportunities will show up for you, you need to know which house in your personal birth chart this transit is taking place. For instance, if it is moving through your 10th house, it may indicate a closer focus on work matters, or if in the 4th house a change to your home life and family. Astrological readings are available for those who are seeking deeper insight to birth chart information and current planetary aspects.

Written by Resident Astrologer Renee Masse

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