Laying Down Your Burdens

As we prepare to move upward in vibration, we must shed the old beliefs which hold us back. You can't fit through the tiny which leads to to life you desire when you are holding on to a burden of beliefs, bad memories and unhealed wounds, that make you feel larger than you are. Bigger is not always better.

Your strength comes from knowing that all you have is inside of you and that you don't need to add extra "stuff", like the adoration and approval of others. 

The memories of past hurt and pain, are phantoms and can be resolved by looking at them and releasing them. Thanking them for the lessons and letting them go. 

When we haul a lot of stuff around in our energy field, we learn to balance it so that it feels right. When a person or situation comes along to heal us, we may reject that help, feeling that it throws off our balance and makes us feel wobbly and insecure. 

In the end, we will find ourselves feeling lighter and finding that balance comes more easily. We feel more comfortable in the world and are less easily knocked down. 

What burdens are you carrying? What is it that throws you off? To find out look no further than your feelings. What is it that pulls you from a place of peace?

Ask your guides what these things mean, and how you can heal and release them. You do not need to do it all in one day (although some choose to do just that). Every time you meditate, ask that some of your excess baggage be healed and released. 

As you do this, you will find that life seems less harsh, because the one who makes it hardest for you, is you. 


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