Light in the Darkness

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.

For early humankind, this was a time of fear and depression. Some may have even thought the cold and dark was a punishment from the gods and goddesses and scrambled to try to make things right.

Others, rightfully so, were worried about their survival. They did not know when the sun would return and the land would again be green and full of life.

The lack of sunlight can lead to depression, which we experience as S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

If you are feeling the winter blues, you are not alone. Many people experience sadness this time of year. This Holiday season has been dominated by a challenging Mercury Retrograde, which doesn't help matters at all.

Rather than falling into despair, think of it as a new beginning.

Winter gives the Earth, and her children, a period of rest. Don't push yourself too hard. Take time for naps, bubble baths and luxurious massages.

Beneath the cold, frozen ground, are the seeds of the gardens that will dazzle us with their bright, beautiful colors. The naked trees will "dress" again in spring, adorned in fresh, green leaves.

The promise of Solstice, or whatever holiday you celebrate, is hope for the future. The tiny light that shines in the darkness  will become the blazing summer sun!

What seeds will you plant for yourself? A new job? A new home? A new relationship (or reconciling an existing one)?

Write down your goals for the coming year. You can even "plant" them in the ground for a more ceremonious approach. Imagine that they have all been realized and feel the experience of having them come true.

Then give thanks, to the Sun, to the Oak King or Divine source. Then go, and have the happiest of Holidays.

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