Living the Four Agreements: Be Impeccable With Your Word

When people ask for informational reading for spiritual growth and healing, among the top ten books we recommend is: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

While most spiritual reading is centered on the self, this book helps us to cut through the dramas that have hurt us in the past and to create better, more positive relationships.

The first of the Four Agreements is: Be Impeccable With Your Word.

Our words are important. They not only give information, but they tell others who we are.

Do your words speak the truth? Do they express kindness and put out positive energy to those who hear them? Do they help others to heal or inspire them to try new things?

What most people get from the “be impeccable” statement is: Don't lie. Deception is not only unethical, but it puts out a low vibrational energy. Empaths (and there are a lot of them out there) can usually feel the energy of a lie. You can feel it too. Even if the lie works in your favor, speaking it, lowers your energy. Each lie is like adding links to the spiritual chains that are holding you back. Eventually, , the lie must come to the surface. Isn't it easier to just be truthful? Your words create. Let them create a healthy, dynamic energy around you. The less you lie, the more others will trust you which creates healthier relationships.

While we may not actually lie sometimes, we exaggerate, dramatize or stretch the truth. Some people walk around in a cloud of drama. A minor inconvenience becomes a horrible road block. A small slight becomes a huge betrayal. We might even feel relief when we make an exaggeration, but that drama is felt by others and they are now shouldered with the burden of it. It is like throwing a heavy load into the arms of another person, because you no longer wish to carry it. Ask yourself, “Is it really that bad?” If it isn't, then take a breath and just say, “Good morning!”

Ego says, “We're separate, I'm right and you're wrong.” The heart shares information for the highest good of everyone. Kind words are not weak words. They create unity and foster good teamwork.

If someone was pulled over on the shoulder of the road with a flat tire, would you say to them, “Wow, that's going to be a lot of hard work in this summer heat,” or “Is there something I can do to help?” You could say to a child who brought home a failing grade, “Well, you must have not studied at all.” Or you could tell the child, “Everyone struggles with things sometimes. I can help you study for the next test if you like.”

Sometimes a kind word is all it takes to turn a person's whole day around. While it might be deceptive to tell a person, “It will be easy from here on out,” you can point out the progress they have made and assure them that they have the strength and wisdom to move forward to a better situation.

The most magical use of our “impeccable” words is to inspire someone. Words of inspiration turn ideas into dreams and simple sketches into detailed blueprints. While you don't want to lie or give false flattery, you can highlight the positive things and guide them to make improvements on the rest.

When you do this you plant a seed. It is a gift you offer that the other person can nurture and feed if they wish. Do you ever wonder how many amazing adventures and ideas began with, “Have you thought about doing this?”

When you are being impeccable with your word, don't leave yourself out. When you constantly make self-deprecating statements, you use your words poorly. When you create your own drama, you force yourself to carry an energetic burden even when there is little or no burden to carry. When you speak unkindly to yourself, you bring your own energy down. This means that you have less energy to share with those you love and with the world.

The dictionary definition of impeccable, is “of the highest quality.”

High-quality words are truthful, compassionate and encouraging.

Words are magic. Use your magic wisely to create a better world for all.

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