Make It Sacred

It would be amazing if life was always fair. Yet it is in the unfairness of life that the most valuable lessons are learned.

In ancient times, life was challenging. Food may have been scarce or shelter hard to come by and maintain in inclement weather.

To remedy the situation, they would make a sacrifice.

The word sacrifice comes from the Latin, “sacros” which means “holy” and “facere” which means “to make.”

The sacrifice would have been done with reverence and important symbols and acts that would “make it holy,” rather than a just another chore.

There are many things that we must do daily for little or no reward. Cleaning house, taking care of children or doing additional work instead of resting are sacrifices we make in modern times.

You can complain about these things which will lower your vibration, or you can do them with reverence and “make them holy.”

You can listen to music which moves your spirit while dusting,

Hard work done with reverence is a form of sacrifice. Sacrifice means "to make holy."
Hard work done with reverence is a form of sacrifice. Sacrifice means “to make holy.”
wash dishes for the purpose of cleansing them so that the food they contain will be pure and nourishing. Mop in a meditative state allowing the movement to take you deeper.

If you can’t think of ways to turn your chores into “sacrifices,” ask your Angels for more insight.

They love to bring more peace and joy into your life.


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