Making It Sacred

Today, I am heading off to start work on setting up my new store. The prospect of moving, sanding and painting seems a bit daunting, yet I know it will get done, because the Angels have brought me to this point. I have help, including my lovely friend and business partner, Daena, and others who have selflessly volunteered their time and energy to create this place of peace and spiritual connection.

The work is a sacrifice of time and energy, however, I know that sacrifice means, “to make sacred.” Instead of thinking of it as drudging, hard work, I offer it freely to the Angels in gratitude for all that they have done to bring me this far and for all of the future work we will do together.

I focus not on the dust and sweat, but on the beauty that we are creating all the amazing education and transformations that will occur in this space.

When you are following your dreams, there is always a bit of work that must be done.

An artist must clean her paintbrushes and clear her work space. A musician must practice his songs and find auditions. A writer must carefully edit and submit her work for publication.

All work is sacrifice. Whether you are keeping a roof over your head, feeding your children or opening a store, see the sacredness in what you do. Offer it to the Divine. Do your work as though it were a beautiful gift that you have prepared for a loved one.  The more of your heart you put into it, the more it will be appreciated and loved by the recipient. That is what I’m going to do today.

Join us this weekend in Historic Cocoa Village, Florida to see the fruits of our labors and get a bit of Angelic inspiration. We look forward to seeing you!

The view that awaits you as you follow your dreams to the Angels Oasis. Opening this weekend.
The view that awaits you as you follow your dreams to the Angels Oasis. Opening this weekend.

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