Mars Retrograde

We always worry about Mercury Retrograde. You can't live with it and you can't climb a mountain and hide in a cave. 

Relax, we don't have to deal with this energy for another month. What concerns us right now is the planet Mars.

Mars has just gone retrograde. 

Mars is the planet of action. The retrograde effect is to feel lethargic, when you have things to do. The actions of our past are coming up to be re-examined to see if they are helping us or hindering us on our life path.

We also need to pay close attention to the actions we are taking right now. Are they coming from our hearts, or from habits. 

It is important to stay centered at this time in order to ride the waves of chaos surrounding this and many other planets which will be going retrograde at this time.

Retrogrades can be a time of fear, but only if you refuse to see the lessons you are being offered and address them.

You may feel that your entire world is coming apart. Is that a bad thing? How perfect is your world right now? What if that breaking apart is simply making room for the better, more beautiful, heart-centered world to come?

Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride! But how you experience the "bumps" is entirely your choice. 

Will you experience a runaway train, going off the rails? Or the delicious adrenaline rush of your favorite amusement park ride?

Retrograde planets are our friends and teachers. They reflect both our shadows and our light. 

If we turn away from our shadow work, we will never see the light. 

For more info on how the planetary energies affect us, watch Angels Unveiled, June 28th at 8:00 pm.

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