Mars- The Energy of the Warrior

As of this past Tuesday (Aug. 27th) all of our personal planets have gone direct. We are still in the shadow of Mercury retrograde, and the final inner planet to go direct was Mars.

Mars energy is very often misunderstood. Mars in Roman mythology was the god of war. So what good could this planet bring, even in direct motion?

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. And, yes, those born with that sun sign are thought to be impatient and quick to anger.

Not sounding better yet? Let's dig a bit deeper.

The up side of impatience, is that impatient people like to get things moving. While it might make us feel pushed in some situations, most of us like to get things done, and Aries is the motivator of the zodiac.

This past Aries retrograde might have made you feel lethargic and unmotivated. You may have had to
slow down, take a look at your anger and see what is behind it. It is serious shadow work and something many people would prefer to avoid.

While anger can end relationships and harm people, it can also motivate you to act on things that you feel strongly and passionate about.

If you see a social injustice that makes you angry, you can take one of two paths. You can complain about it on social media and whine to all your friends, or you can volunteer, call your congressman, sign a petition, boycott those who promote the injustice and donate to organizations that help.

You can express your anger by having a traditional temper tantrum, yelling at anyone who dares to get close enough, or you can turn that bullying energy inward and attack yourself. This inner abuse can result in overeating, drug and alcohol use, eating disorders and vicious negative self-talk.

You can also write angry entries in a journal, workout, dance, find a place far away from people where you can scream or scream into a pillow, or cry out those angry tears. This projects that powerful energy outward in a much healthier way.

You can also start a project to redirect that energy in a positive way. The energy of anger is just like any other energy. It is only “bad” if you choose to use it in a hurtful or negative way. Take the power of that energy and dance to angry music, beat a drum or clean your house (probably not a good day to handle the china set).

The other side of Mars energy, one that is often overlooked, is the energy of birth. Aries is the first house of the zodiac. It starts the cycle of the soul which ends in Pisces, the energy of transition.

Birth is not always peaceful. There can be stress and pain. There is the fear that accompanies a new beginning. Then, at the height of the excitement is new life!

That life begins with a beautiful spark of Divine energy encased in human clothing.

And of course, there could be no birth without sex. Mars also governs this energy. While loving Venus makes us feel the love, Mars brings on the passion that leads to making love.

We may have religious or cultural ideas about sex that make us feel guilt or shame, we see our first time as “innocence lost.” We are never the same. Yet, if we drop the shame and guilt, we can see it as a time of power gained.

Sexual energy can deepen loving relationships and bring about personal transformations. Some people learn to control this energy so that they can use it for manifestation, and spiritual growth.

So Mars, the planet of war, is also the planet of birth, physical stamina and,

If you did your homework during the retrograde, you can now reap the positive benefits of this powerhouse of the solar system as it moves direct.

Perhaps the phrase, “Make love, not war,” was not about being passive, but about using that powerful, passionate energy to make needed changes in the world.

It is okay to be angry, but what you do with that anger is what has the power to heal or harm the world and people around you.

The red planet has shifted from “reverse gear” to “drive.” It is time for the light warriors to heal the world with some tough love.

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