Mercury Retrograde: Riding the Current

Many of you are already beginning to feel the backward pull of Mercury Retrograde. The very words, cause eyes to roll and fists to clench. During most of the year, we fear moving forward and hesitate to do so. It seems illogical that we should fear a time of standstill.

Perhaps, it is not the standstill, but the fact that we seem to have little to say in the matter. It is not that we would have moved forward, but that we wanted to have the choice.

It makes us feel powerless and frustrated. 

It is like swimming against a strong current. You can only go so far before the water pulls you back and you go limp and allow the flow to take you.

Backward in time you go. You watch your progress reverse itself. It seems like a horrible situation, until you realize, that you were going down the wrong bend in the river. If you had continued that way, you would have been irretrievably lost.

That current is power. When you see it working against you, it can be very frustrating. So why not let it work for you.

Be fearless as you look back. It is as though the teacher gave you the same test twice. You can rethink it knowing what you did wrong the first time and correct your mistakes.

Relax, and let the current take you. It is not pulling you back in a random way, it knows just which parts of the river, you need to explore a second time, and which stream you should have followed when the river forked.

The best part is, when the current reverses, you will go much faster towards your destination and with fewer obstacles in your way.

Go with the flow, and the answers you will know.


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