Mercury Retrograde.....Fun?

Got the Mercury Retrograde blues? Just because the planet of communication is backpedaling, doesn't mean you can't have any fun.

Think "prepare" not "perform."

Put the "re" in retrograde. Reading, research, relaxing and redescovery.

Become a student of life. Get online and check out anything you have been interested in. Make lists of things you would like to try, spend time in meditating and get to know your own energy. While you're at it, get a massage and pamper yourself. 

If you get it set in your mind that Mercury Retrograde will be difficult, it will be. What if you chose to have a different experience?

Don't start anything new, you probably won't complete it, but you can plan on what you will start when Mercury goes direct. 

Just imagine a big party that will take place after Dec. 23rd. Hmmm....... what kind of party are you ho-ho-hoping to have? (lol)

You will also be clearing the way to go into the New year with fresh ideas and new energies.

And it all starts, by having a little fun!


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