Mercury Retrograde is Coming

We have faced many obstacles in 2020; personally, locally, and globally. Now, the Universe is tossing a Mercury retrograde right smack dab in the middle of the year to further test our limits.

On June 18, 2020 the fast moving planet reverses its passage through the sign of Cancer until July 12, 2020. Many of us know all too well about Mercury and how its retrograde pattern affects Earth, but for those of you who may not, I’m going to lay it out for you. 

Retrogrades are a motion in which planets have the appearance of stopping in the midst of orbit and moving backward in the sky. Mercury is the fastest moving planet and closest to the Sun. It rules over knowledge, intellect, ideas, communication, travel, and technology.

Right now we are in the pre-retrograde shadow period where you may notice some slight differences in your day to day routine. Perhaps your phone battery drains faster than normal, you lose your sense of direction while driving, or forget to lock your door on the way out of the house. 

When planets are in retrograde we are encouraged to review and reevaluate our current circumstance, refraining from action. Contemplation and meditation are highly encouraged to center your thoughts. Aim to stay mindful and present in your breath.

With the particular characteristics of Mercury we can expect that our electronics will experience delay or interruption, communications will be challenged, and thoughts and ideas flawed. This is not a recommended time to travel or sign contracts. 

Mercury in Cancer indicates that there will be a focus on the homefront. This means family, home matters, domestic issues and relationships. Insecurities, frustrations, and hidden emotions may be exposed revealing old wounds among family members. 

This is a great time to cozy up and catch up on your reading, watch movies that make you laugh, and allow your mind to rest. Yoga, meditation, and journaling are highly suggested. This helps to restore the alignment of body, mind, and spirit. 

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Try to avoid any new ventures, such as new employment, moving, purchasing a new vehicle, and binding yourself into a contract that you cannot easily free yourself.

When Mercury returns to its direct motion on July 12th we will remain under its shadow period the following for 10 days. The post retrograde shadow period symbolizes the residual energy left behind from the retrograde. The fog of this will not lift until around the 22nd of July. Having an awareness of this shadow period will allow you to see if there are still areas of your life being affected. 

When the fog does lift it is time to put those reflective thoughts into action!

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Renee Masse is a gifted astrologer, empath, holistic nutritionist, and certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Her spiritual quest began before she was a teenager, and has lead to many metaphysical studies. Her passion is not only to practice and teach Reiki, but to educate and counsel individuals to honor, understand, and evolve through the ancient art of astrology. Renee views the natal chart as a metaphorical fingerprint that highlights each person's uniqueness and how each one contributes to the whole. In addition to natal charts, Renee also loves counseling couples on compatibility, and doing children's charts. This helps parents understand their child in a different sense that can lead to better support and growth.
Her interest in the metaphysical had lead her to working with Oracle. At the age of 16 she had learned how to decipher and interpret Tarot cards and ancient Runes. Using this method, as well as channeling and using her empathic gifts, can help to support and guide you on your journey.
Renee graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science in 2012, and has since worked with over 700 clients by educating to better nutrition, as well as supporting healthy weight loss, and weight management. Her holistic approach is what is incredibly empowering to her clients, and promises long term results.
Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui-Tibetan, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki modalities and is facilitating our Reiki Circle on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm. Renee is also now an ordained minister.

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