Mercury Retrograde New Moon

The energy of Mercury Retrograde is a backward pull that mirrors the backward movement of the planet in the sky.

Action is discouraged, but planning is very effective at this time.

The new moon tonight, like all new moons is about manifestation. It is the planning of what you would like to create or receive. New moons are a great time for rituals and affirmations.

This particular moon, the Angels tell me is acting like a giant rubber band. With the tense backward pull, great power is created.

So make your plans, light your candles and say your affirmations. You have the potential to shoot for the stars, but make your aim count.

With this much potential power, you are likely to get what you desire. Make sure it’s what you really want and spot that target.

In the absence of moonlight, the stars are brighter. Let them inspire you to make your dreams come true.

Rest is important during Mercury Retrograde, but you can make plans as you recharge yourself. Tonight’s new moon is especially good for affirmations and manifestation work.

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