Mercury Retrograde Stress Reducers

Once again, the planet of communications, Mercury, is in retrograde.

For each retrograde period, the common thread is breakdown in communication, whether it be oral, written or online. Businesses can slow down and friendships can be strained.

In addition, each retrograde has its own personality. One of the hardest ones last year, had a “love and relationships” theme. This one is about emotions.

People are feeling emotional and communicating while in that state. The result is further misunderstandings caused by unnecessary arguments.

Here are some things you can do to diffuse uncomfortable emotions that may arise before you damage an important relationship:

  1. Stop and take a breath- Yes, this sounds like a New Age cliché but it really works. Make it a habit, even when nobody is around. Stop, breathe and feel the relief.
  2. Smile-  This sounds almost like telling a lie when you are truly unhappy, but smiling has been proven to reduce stress and it changes how others perceive you. Your calm, relaxed energy will draw people to you with similar energy. Then you can genuinely smile together.
  3. Write it out-  Say everything. You will not be showing it to everyone. If you want to release the emotions even further, you can tear up the paper or (safely) burn it.
  4. Exercise- Physical activity releases endorphins which are chemicals in the body that help to reduce stress, pain and depression.
  5. In a tense situation, you have Angels who have been standing at the ready since the day you were born. Tell them what’s wrong, ask for their help, and you will always get it.

Remember that this is only a three week period and it is a learning process. Stay awake! Be aware! Learn what the Universe it trying to teach you and be ready to soar when Mercury goes direct.


Keep smiling! Mercury Retrograde is over in three weeks!

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