Mercury Retrograde: The Glorious Aftermath

Congratulations! We are in the home stretch. Mercury Retrograde ends tomorrow morning!

This has been a very important time to do release work. It has been a challenging time for some, but now we have a tremendous opportunity to reap the rewards of this hard work.

As Mercury goes direct, it joins forces will all the other planets moving forward. This creates an opportunity to do some amazing work.

Archangel Anael spoke recently of this Mercury Retrograde having a slingshot or arrow effect: A forceful pull backward that ends in a release that propels you forward at incredible speed. An excellent time to “go for it!” in terms of your personal goals.

It is the final day in the “port” of Mercury Retrograde. Your ship sails tomorrow on a very swift current. Are you ready to “set sail?”

The unity of the planets also makes this a great time for group manifestations and puts more power towards collective goals.

So you have one more day to prepare. Take aim and set your sights on the goal you seek. Call in your Angels to steady your hand and prepare to fly!

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