Merry Mercury Retrograde

The final Mercury Retrograde, which will linger through the new year, is a gift which allows us to shed old beliefs that have kept us shackled. In 2017, we can be free of the chains, so we can fly!

Our final Mercury Retrograde of the year brings hope not fear. The Angels have arranged the very planets to support our final cleansing so we can move into 2017with grace and ease.

To do this, we must look deep and shine a light on past beliefs, eliminating on all levels, those things which weigh us down.

The hardest thing for many to leave behind is playing the part of the victim. who points the finger outward in blame and says, “He did it!” Your life is your creation, it is time to own it, clean it and make necessary repairs. This Mercury Retrograde gives us the chance to take those angry, hurt and gloomy feelings and write them down, or dance them out. Weave that emotional straw into wings of gold. It can be a cathartic and even joyful experience when you make it a habit.

A final clearing in 2016, will usher in a new year of light. Holding on will create an unbearable heaviness. The old ground beneath our feet has crumbled. We can fall or we can fly. Which will you choose?


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