New Moon in Taurus Comes with Long Lasting Effects

Another lunar cycle has completed its course through the night sky, and the Moon is about to submerge herself into the shadows once again. The Taurus New Moon on April 22nd is represented by the Bull, firmly establishing patience, stability, and strength.

The Angels say this  is a call to action for all of us, as major transitions are on the horizon. This will not be a simplistic and rapid shift of energy, but slow and purpose driven, just like the Bull.

Imagine this great endeavor as a magical garden. You who are planting seeds during this New Moon phase will reap a fruitful harvest in the Spring/Summer 2021, so what is planted will need to be nurtured and tended regularly.

The Goddess of New Moon energy, Lilith, is calling you to her dark womb like the fertile soil, leading to a powerful liberation and setting you free! Stay true to her wisdom and guidance, and you will be generously rewarded.

Lilith's message:

“Your fears and hesitation have prevented your growth. Unblock your path with confidence and without apology. Those who cannot handle this powerful energy surging through your veins do not deserve you. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and brings strong elements of sensuality commanding you to honor the Goddess within. This is the superpower of the Universe! Allow that fire to rise up through your chakras and invite you into higher vibrations. If every person would access their full Feminine Divine within themselves in this way...this would cause all to be awoken on planet Earth at once. Can you imagine what would happen next?"

Two other planets are playing a role in this New Moon energy, and we must be attentive to their influence because we will feel it down to our core.

Moon conjunct Uranus indicates an emergence of rebellious energy that pushes you to creative innovation. This will encourage you to break past your emotional barriers. Life will be shaking things up in the process, but it is the revolutionary transformation we are all needing right now.

You may notice that you do not look at things quite the same and are ready for change. This Moon-Uranus relationship tears down the mental barricades around you so you can thrive as your authentic self.

Moon square Saturn expresses challenges in seeing our progress. We are pushing forward, only to be pushed back twice as hard. This is what makes us resilient, strong, and formidable!

We will power through these obstacles knowing that down the line, we will be generously rewarded with the fruits of our labor. Resistance is a natural part of being human.

The things we have truly come to value and treasure in life usually do not come without some level of strife. This will be no different, but will result in confidence and empowerment will be worth it.

Written by Angels Oasis “The Angel Astrologer” Renee Masse and messages from her Angel, Kabel - the Angel of the Constellations and Astrology

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  • Janet Pierce

    Hank yo fo this spoton

    Thank you for sharing your intuition.Iwill be paying a lot of attention

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