New Year Followed by Powerful New Moon

As one year closes and a new one begins, it ignites in us a spirit of change and new possibilities. On January 5 we will experience the first new moon of 2019 with a twist. This Capricorn New Moon will host the additional flare of a partial Solar Eclipse. This is significant because the Moon will sit between the Earth and the Sun, resulting in partial blockage of the Sun's light to Earth. Capricorn is not typically comfortable in conjunction with the nurturing feminimity of the moon. In fact, the sign that our lunar satellite embodies is Cancer, the polar opposite of Capricorn. However, in this case because the Sun is sextile to dreamy Neptune, time to make important plans and to get creative. For two major celestial bodies to define a sextile position means that they are 60 degrees apart, within a 360 degree circle. It is considered a positive aspect that creates a passive relationship between the two cosmic bodies. This relationship catalyzes growth and inspires action.

So, what is so special about New Moons, since we can't even see them, you ask? They are blank slates that provide us the opportunity of setting new intentions. We have an incredible ability to manifest our dreams and goals, and with this aspect residing in Earthy Capricorn the intention is to build. New year and new possibilities, therefore get serious about what you want to accomplish and get specific. With the Sun holding a strong sextile aspect to Neptune you will have the ability to harness some genuine creativity with these manifestations, bringing the unconscious to reality. Capricorn symbolizes structure, organization, work, and achievements, meaning the focus should probably be around building something. Whether it be a business or a new practice to promote growth; this is the time to put thoughts to action, tend to it as if it is a precious garden, then reap the harvest to come.

New Moon and Full Moon rituals are a great way to set intention and channel energy. If you are lacking resources to fully carry this out, we have New and Full Moon Ritual Kits at Angels Oasis that can assist in your ceremonial practice. 

Be sure to book Renee Masse, she is our new and multi-talented astrologer that is available for amazing prices throughout January! If you would like to better understand your own natal (birth) aspects, current or future transits, synastry (compatability) charts, as well as family members, including your children's charts, contact us at Angels Oasis for your unique chart and reading. Can't be here for a face-to-face reading? Problem solved! Renée has the ability to send you your full chart and conduct a reading via the phone, email, or Skype. January pricing includes a 30-minute reading for $75 or 60-minute reading for $157. After January pricing will resume to 30-minute reading for $88 and 60-minute reading for $197.

Happy New Year and Happy Manifesting!

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    Thank you for the glorious information about the new moon and your oasis, I look forward to seeing you

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