New Year's Day Supermoon

Happy New Year!

This year starts off grandly with a full, supermoon in Cancer.

Both the moon and the sign Cancer rule the emotions. This is a great time to do a physical and emotional release. Did you get some new things at Yule/Christmas? Why not clear your closets of things you no longer use. Write down emotional blocks and frustrations and burn them or bury them under the glow of the beautiful moon.

This first full moon of the year is known as the Wolf Moon. While wolves are fierce, they are also social animals, traveling in packs and looking after all family members.

The howl of the wolf is a form of communication. Perhaps it is time to clear up those relationship misunderstandings so you can move forward without the baggage.

The energy of this moon will be with us for a few days so don't make the excuse that you missed it. Even a short affirmation can go a long way when you harness the energy of this amazing moon. 

 Start your year off with a howl! Go out and gaze at the moon. Connect with its power and feel the blessings it brings.


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