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Many westerners have sought Eastern spiritual practices when they are not satisfied with organized religion. The Angels have no religion, only love.

People who seek spiritual connection often get frustrated, moving from church to church and temple to temple, from practice to practice, trying to find that Divine connection, that source of unconditional love that makes all of the fear and confusion of the world make sense.

They look for the spiritual glasses that make the world seem clearer.

Just as often happens in the world of “normal life,” they will eventually stop looking and notice a strange pressure on top of their heads.

The “glasses” were with them the entire time.

No one is hoarding or hiding the Divine from you. While you might enjoy a weekend retreat or a special class, you will still be connected even if you do not attend.

Spiritual practices are meant to enhance your Divine connection, not replace it.

If it makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself that gives you a sense of peace, then by all means try it. If you feel more frustrated and disconnected, then walk away.

Your Angels are here for you and do not care what your religion is. They, simply, love you unconditionally,

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