Past Life Clearing For Stir-Crazy Stress Energy

During these uncertain times, many people are being triggered by past life trauma. For most cases, many of us aren’t even aware that is our underlying issue. Think about this for a minute - you have lived many lifetimes and those of you who are here in the present have volunteered to come into a body in this time period.

In one of these lives, you may have been a prisoner of war, you were isolated in a cell, locked up, tortured, starved and eventually died or were killed. Or perhaps you were locked in a room - of your own volition in order to escape from the Nazis. How many months were you there? Weeks or months? Hungry, no clean hygiene facilities, afraid for your own life...never knowing when the Gestapo could show up and drag you away. 

These fears are coming to the surface now. When we are told by our government that we are supposed to shelter in place, many rebel against it simply because of cellular memory within our physical bodies. We are reborn with the memories locked within ourselves, and it takes some practice, exercises, meditation, in order to move past that and heal on a deep level. 

One way you can start reprogramming yourself is to have a little dialogue with yourself before bed and say to yourself,

“In this lifetime I choose to stay in a safe place. I am not forced to do something against my will. I make conscious choices for my health and for the well-being of other people. I am in control of my life. The other lifetime memories which are coming up are from other lives, and I do not have to suffer that trauma again”. 

If you continually do this before bed...take your time in writing out a little script to say before your meditation time...or right before you come out of your meditation state...this is how you can heal your soul. It is hard to reprogram yourself by giving yourself positive affirmations if you haven’t released your old negative patterns. 

We have been patterned with fear - fear of death, torture, doing without, abandonment. All of these fears will come up in different phases of our lives, whether it be our age, or by circumstance, or even words that people say to you. All of these are triggers, and can bring up the trauma from past lives. This creates a ripple effect upon yourself, and you find yourself lashing out in anger. When you lash out, defend yourself, and do not take responsibility for your own allow yourself to become a victim once again. 

So in reality, this process helps you clears out the victim energy which was programmed in you for many lifetimes. You chose to come into this lifetime to experience this great wave of energy. And the pandemic was allowed to happen causes more fear and triggers people back into their old ways of thinking. Please remember the way we are to think and to grow is all about Unity. 

Let us grow together, not apart. We may not agree with our friends, relatives, coworkers, on what this pandemic is all about, or whether it is actually real. But the point is that we are to focus on UNITY - what we can do to heal our core, our inner self. When we do that, we truly heal the deep layers within ourselves. You do not have to remember the trauma of your past life.

Just know that if you’re feeling stir-crazy, angry, frustrated, sad, depressed - all of these are caused by fear, and that fear comes from cellular programming that you have not released. 

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So congratulations to YOU!!! You are the courageous ones, who chose to clear these energies in this lifetime and to brave this lifetime of great upheaval where even light-workers are struggling to unite together.

Thank you for choosing to be the voice of peace and love by choosing to clear your own negative energies/past live cellular memories within your souls.

I am so proud of you guys, keep doing your good work and know you are loved beyond your total understanding from the angelic realm and all of us at Angels Oasis. 

Written by Morgana Starr with guidance from Archangel Anael

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