Pay It Forward

Monday, on the first day of FL re-opening (phase 1), I went through the Starbucks drive-thru. It’s kind of a funky parking lot. There are multiple entrances to get in to the drive through and I've observed that most people don’t pay attention to who’s in line when they get there and who’s supposed to go first. A lot of people end up getting cut off and I've often thought that this drive-thru needs a crossing guard. 

When I pulled up, there were already two cars waiting for their spot in line but they had to wait on the other side of the road so as to not block other traffic going to other places in the parking lot. When the wait cleared, I did not cut them off and instead waived them ahead of me - knowing I’ve been cut off dozens of  times because someone takes advantage of the opportunity. 

When it was finally my turn to pick up my drink, the barista informed me that the car in front of me paid. I instantly knew why, because he was grateful that I didn’t end up cutting him off - which I’m sure has happened to him multiple times as well. 

It lifted my mood that a kind deed immediately came back to me in the form of good karma and I decided to pay it forward by paying for the car behind me. 

I left Starbucks absolutely elated and rejuvenated. It was the first day of re-opening Angels Oasis and I just knew it was going to be a great day. 

I was able to ride off the good vibes that I was able to give out and that were given back to me so quickly. Of course, when we do kind things, we shouldn’t expect anything kind in return. However, when it does happen, it makes life that much sweeter.

When doing acts of service, there should never be an expectation that the kindness will be returned. What's more important is to shift into a mindset filled with gratitude and thoughtfulness. 

If you would like to get in deeper touch with your heart center and the part of you connected to love, kindness, and compassion join me for meditation. 

With this quarantine and many people having been cooped up, I’m sure there are a lot of people who are frustrated - out of work, no or low income, worrying about what the virus is doing, worrying about what the government is doing... It's just overwhelming for the majority of people.

My suggestion to all at this time is to be kind and please make it a point to "pay it forward" at least once a week. If you do have more to give financially then please do so. Give to someone in need or go support a newly re-opening struggling small business. For those that are suffering financially, you still have something to offer!  Smile, offer kind words or let someone go ahead of you in traffic. It’s going to shift your mindset and the mindset of others around you and help us all get back on track! 

If you need additional guidance in getting your energy back on track during this unpredictable time, take full advantage of our special offer of a 4 part Stress Relief Course.

Love and Healing to All,

Daena Deva 

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Daena Deva is a long-time student of the spiritual arts and a highly sought-after psychic medium and spiritual counselor. Since childhood, Daena has been listening and learning to understand angels, spirits, and messages that not everyone can perceive.

She has the skills of a psychic, or the ability to experience someone else’s energy field and understand things about them, and the gift mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spirits on the other side, including angels and loved ones who have passed.

Daena has actively rounded out her abilities with a background in yoga and energetic therapy, skills that she enjoys practicing to help bring people physical and spiritual healing.

One of her life’s passions is reconnecting people with their loved ones and using her spiritual gifts to help them process grief.

She has attained Reiki Master Teacher, is a credentialed yoga instructor, holds Swedish and relaxation massage certifications, is a certified medium through the Morris Pratt Institute and is certified though Level 3 with the Melchizedek Method of Healing.

Aside from her spiritual work, Daena is a mother of an intuitive crystal child who is 5 years old daughter and has a baby boy due in June 2020. They reside happily in Rockledge, FL.
As part of her journey, Daena has studied:
  • Yoga
  • Mediumship
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Meditation

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  • Kelly Savoy

    Beautiful! I love to Pay if Forward. Thank you for being an amazing mentor and teacher.

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