Powerful Astrological Shifts We Can All Feel

Happy Astrological New Year!! In a matter of five days we are experiencing five major cosmic events that, if you pay attention, will learn how to work with these planetary energies and they will shift your perspective on life right now.

On March 19th we celebrated the Sun moving into the first sign of the zodiac – Aries.

This is a day also recognized by many as the vernal equinox and Ostara. As the solar return to Aries takes place it is shining its light on Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, where it resides in Aries until 2024.

Mars and Jupiter are in conjunction, while Saturn ends its two and a half year voyage through Capricorn, and enters innovative Aquarius on March 21st.

Finally, on the 24th we will initiate New Moon beginnings in the sign of new beginnings – Aries.

I do not need to emphasize that these are extremely potent times for everyone, as we are venturing into the unknown with one another, but also feeling a sense of isolation and solitude.

Welcome to the sign of Aries! Shedding a light on this, I will take some of these astrological aspects and interpret what the Angels want everyone to know.

Firstly, Ostara is a time of rebirth and regeneration! It is of fertility and planting the seeds of Spring, because with the cycles of change, we must remain in constant motion.

There will be a harvest in the Autumn, therefore you will indeed reap what you sow.

Think about that for a minute.

The equinox is the balance of light and darkness - the divine feminine and the divine masculine, partnership and independence. It is not a coincidence that as there is a pandemic of illness sweeping the globe and people are encouraged to quarantine that Mother Earth is taking a major sigh of relief.

Mass consumerism has compromised the well being of our precious planet, and with many behind closed doors SHE is regenerating. The world has seen a decline in pollution, as dolphins and swan grace the canals of Venice with their Angelic presence and blue skies shine through the once smog riddled cities of Earth.

It is no coincidence that as humans are forced into reclusiveness, the Sun spotlights Chiron’s healing energy. This is putting people in a deep healing state asking them to respect what they are feeling and allowing space for healing to take place, with purpose.

Humans say and say repetitively that they will do the deep shadow work, but only now when forced will they actually take a look at their pain. Trapped within the walls, there are mirrors everywhere.

What is hurting you right now? What are you truly afraid of?

Chiron, who in Greek mythology mastered great wisdom and the ability to heal others could not help himself.

It is ok to be tired and afraid, unable to grasp the wisdom for yourself that you so eloquently bestow upon others. Allow Chiron to guide your path and show you the way to the truth of your deepest burdens.

The Sun is a strong representation of the self, and will help warm you from the inside out, helping you move from the cold that has inhibited your emotional and spiritual flexibility to see and feel what you need.

The energy of the Mars and Jupiter conjunction is the magnification and magnetic pull of their energy, as they are like two giant ships passing by in the night. They are exchanging a message with one another that translates to fire and anything that disrupts its powerful energy will burn to confetti in its path. 

There are two sides of this coin to this that simply state: remove yourself from harmful areas that put you at risk from the pandemic that is crossing the planet, and use this energy to burn away any of your own negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that have held you back.

As Saturn enters Aquarius there is an adjustment period as the planet of “coloring in the lines” enters the sign of “coloring way outside of the lines.”

Within the next couple of weeks, they will find a more cosmic rhythm with one another and define themselves as a partnership of progression for the betterment of humanity.

Aquarius is always about the collective, even though this fixed air sign has a rather rebellious way of demonstrating its point.

Saturn is shocked by Aquarius’ disregard for rules and discipline. Together, they will forge forward and change the way humanity works together to bring new ideas and collaborate them into solid methods that break the mold forever. Think like a dinosaur, and you too will become extinct.

The New Moon is Aries is going to tie all this energy together with a sweet and comforting bow, like only the nurturing motherly energy of the moon can provide.

Archangel Anael is waiting for you to call upon her to initiate a new and powerful growth cycle. The ways of the ancients honor the fragments of the Gods and Goddesses that represent the Angels, the seasons, and the ways of the stars and planets as they bestow their magic upon the Earth.

Step outside and breathe the fresh air that surrounds you as our lunar satellite is also in hiding for the next few days, then slowly reappears brighter and brighter, more ready to reveal herself to you.

Now you can truly understand the value of New Moon energy. It is hidden and dark, contemplative and transformative. Ask your Angels and Guides to help you create a detailed list of what you are calling into focus for ultimate growth.

Remember that Aries New Moon energy works quick and with great assertion, and happy manifesting!

Written by Resident Angelic Astrologist and Psychic-Medium Renee Masse

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