Prayers for Las Vegas

We are saddened to hear of yet another tragedy for our nation.

Many have not yet healed from the recent hurricanes that took lives and destroyed homes. Now we have another shooting, this time in the city of Las Vegas. Our hearts reach out to the families who have lost members and to those who must heal from physical and psychological wounds.

While we have a right to be sad, we also have an opportunity to empower and heal ourselves and our country.

This incident is not about political affiliation, race, or religion. It is about a person or persons who committed a crime. That crime was committed against our fellow citizens of this country and of Planet Earth.

Let us try to remember that in the days to come.

We cannot prevent tragedies like this from occurring if we stay in a state of separation and competition.

We can go into a victim state and see bad guys around every corner, or we can reach out to each other and make new friends.

We can discover, that in the end, we all want the same things, peace, love and health. We just see different paths to reach those goals.

Sending love and healing to all those affected by this tragedy and to our nation and the world.



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