Protection VS Defense

When you walk around in an armored tank, you are going to attract a war.

We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to protection.

I speak of emotional and spiritual protection. When you walk around believing that everyone is out to harm you and no one can be trusted, your attitude, posture and energy change.

You may be forcing a smile on the outside, but the rest of you is telling the world, "try me!"

The first lesson learned in most martial arts classes is: avoid a fight at all costs. The art of defense is practiced as a last resort.

The second lesson is protection. Do everything you can to prevent injury to yourself, including learning how to fall.

Spiritual protection is as much about keeping your energy clear as putting up shields. Clear up your own negativity so  negative people and situations will not be attracted to you. You can also cloak your energy so that energy draining people and situations will not find you.

Protection is spiritual hygiene, it is not looking for trouble. When you feel protected, you feel relaxed. You are not expecting attack and therefore not likely to engage in a preemptive strike, making you the aggressor.

Have confidence in your ability to protect yourself, and you will not need to engage in arguments and negative situations.

The strongest and most powerful people, rarely get into fights. It is the ego that fights. The soul knows that it cannot be harmed.

Avoid and protect against those you might call "enemies" and know that the Universe has always got your back. Trust it!

You might even find your "enemies" becoming your best teachers, and possibly even friends.

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