Pushing Past the Pain

The past year was a rough one for many people. Sensitive individuals are being bombarded with angry, hateful emotions of people around them.

If you are feeling uncomfortable, it is because it is time for you to grow. Like a caterpillar wrapped in a tight cocoon, you feel as if your current life cannot contain your energy. The tendency is eitherr to hide or burst free of your restrictions and fly. 

Old school thinking is to hide, to run away from what frightens you to avoid pain and discomfort.

Your life is not meant to be torture, but sometimes when you exercise muscles that have not been used, you will feel the soreness. 

A little struggle, pushing past your comfort zone can be very satisfying. 

Have you ever seen the smile on a runner's face when they cross the finish line? They many feel sore, tired and dehydrated, but hardly notice in the glow of success and victory. 

A college graduate tosses her cap in the air with delight, no longer thinking about the years of study and hard work it took to get there. A baby giggles with glee upon taking his first steps, suddenly all of the falls and bruises are forgotten as he shows off his new skill. 

When you  accomplish something great, the work it took to get there quickly fades into the background. Yet before you reach your goal, all you see is the struggle ahead. 

If you are feeling discomfort, mediate on what you should be doing next. When you are taking steps to get there, focus on the goal. Visualize your fit, healthy body when you exercise. Think about how your book cover will look when you are still writing the first chapter. Imagine holding your diploma in your hand when you are doing your homework.

There is nothing left for you in the cocoon. See yourself flying and start breaking through the restrictions of your mind. Soon that tiny, former you will be soaring with the eagles and smiling down upon the Earth. 

And it all starts now.

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