Real Self-esteem

A person with high self-esteem is a pleasure to be around. They are helpful and generous, because they know they are loved and deserving of respect.

Self-esteem is not to be confused with pride or arrogance.

Both denote a lack of self-esteem as the person feels a need to go over the top to prove that they are worthy, even though inside they feel insecure.

Working on yourself, spending time on your education, meditation and physical health is not a selfish act. It gives you more to give to others.

Be patient with those who display arrogance. If you need to be around them, know that they truly do not believe in themselves. Support and praise what is genuine and ignore the “act.”

If you feel insecure. Work on yourself. No one can give you self-esteem but you. No amount of compliments, reassurance or promotion will give it to you.

The Angels are powerful beings. They love us unconditionally. You have one special Angel who is devoted to protecting and serving you for your entire life.

Now if that doesn’t make you feel special, nothing will.

Self-esteem is an inside job, but it shows on the outside!
Self-esteem is an inside job, but it shows on the outside!

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