Real Values

What seems important on Earth, things like a job, money, power and influence, are like play money that can only be spent while we’re here.

Just as you can’t spend the money from a board game at the supermarket, neither can a big bank account or successful career buy you spiritual growth when you leave the Earth.

There is nothing wrong with being successful or having money. Just don’t forget your spiritual “currency.”

How much love do you share? Do you use your talents to make the world a better place? Do you listen to your guidance and follow it? Do you enjoy your life and express your gratitude often?

While your head can create a “living” your heart creates your life. Your Angels are here for you to help you in times of physical struggle, and they want you to enjoy your life on this beautiful planet. Your most important job is to listen to them.178400_10201935160803129_1617785518_o


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