Reality by default

Start creating the reality you want today. The Unicorn is optional.

It would be nice to have all of the time to do what we want, all of the money we could ever need and the romance of a lifetime.

Many times we do such a good job at “not creating” such things that we imagine ourselves to be weak.

There is a lovable, successful, creative genius inside of you and press all of your mental and spiritual weight against it so that it can’t come through.

What would happen if you put all of the energy you use worrying about the future, feeling depressed and jealous and telling yourself, “I can’t” and put it towards creating what you really do want.

A small release in the resistance goes a long way. Remove the word, “can’t” from your vocabulary. If you catch yourself, retrain yourself by repeating its opposite, positive affirmation three times.

If you want love, then give it in little ways every day. If you want success, then work a little bit at that which you want to succeed every day. If you are jealous, work on developing your own skills and becoming as confident and competent as those you admire.

And always remember, your Angels will respond to your requests for help before you finish asking them.

You have created a reality you don’t want, now create one that you will delight in.

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