Releasing Judgments

Let’s talk about some things that are coming to the surface. As you all know, we are going through some craziness. It is a time of upheaval, of people having to face their shadows. They choose whether they deal with their shadows or run off screaming at the sight of the dark sides of themselves as well as how they deal with others. So this is a time of dealing with your inner issues.

I want to talk about how the spiritual community is divided right now - something that Anael wants me to discuss at this time.

The spiritual community is not as united as we should be this time - this goes from spiritual leaders all the way down to the newly awakened ones. 

For those of you who don’t know my past, I was raised as a missionary child in what was Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe. We were on top of the hill overlooking the Zambezi river and we had to leave or be put in boarding school. Because of this dramatically fast move, I had to overcome this childhood trauma and work through and those shadows from that time. 

My father wasn’t just a minister who looked after one church, he evolved to become a church camp director and there were 70 churches in the state of Indiana who followed and were a part of this church camp. We would go visit these churches and church camps.

I am sharing my background to illuminate the dark underbelly side of religion. There is lots and lots of criticism in religion. There is even a section in the Bible where God allows for us to be judges - but the interpretation is kind of twisted by many Christians. Many people tend to do when falsely empowered by religion. 

One of the best examples of this was our favorite thing to do at Sunday dinner after church. Each time we would come back from listening to a different minister, we would pick the minister apart - a free-for-all so to speak. We would tear the minister apart! We did this about his message and even his character. I know this wasn’t just my family who did this.  Even while I was in Bible college, it seemed like it was a 'Christian way' to pass time. It was very destructive and very negative. It would cause you to be more critical of yourself and even of many others in your life. 

So this is what I found - in the spiritual community, so many times, because religion has played such a huge part in the last 2000 something years - the dogma has seeped in. We aren’t even aware that we are being religious, when we’re trying to be spiritual. 

Let that sink in for a minute - do you really want to keep those patterns? Do you want to keep that programming of “I'm going to place a judgment on you because I see you doing this” and “apparently you're that way, so I'm just going to decide that’s just the way that person is? Then you realize that the damage is have hurt an innocent soul, and you can’t take back your judgment? 

Imagine the spread of gossip like the wind taking all the feathers from a pillow. Then you discover were wrong in that judgment. Imagine having to go and pick  up all those feathers you threw into the wind. Can you get every one?

This is where the angels are coming in and trying to hit people hard into realizing there is some lesson in this pandemic we’re in the middle of. This has nothing to do with whether it’s real, not real, government is a part or not a part of it.  We’re focusing on the wrong things, guys. 

We need to focus on unity and love. You can choose to run around and not wear a mask. I'm not going to place judgment or figure out what story I'm going to make. If you do decide to wear a mask, stay inside and isolate. Also not a story to make up about that either. When I get in the car, I put a seat-belt on - not because I'm scared, it’s because I'm careful - covering my bases. 

Some people have placed judgments on me saying I'm in a place of fear- there's a difference between caution and fear - to me though I personally consider it common sense. But for others, that may not be the way they feel. But we have to stop making stories in our heads and projecting those stories on to others!!!! 

There is no need to get caught up in media hype. When we get lost, we forget who we are. We are beings from another planet. We are here to help this planet, this earth that we love and as a human race...we really have messed up. So the earth is resetting herself right now and calling for humans to also reset themselves. 

I have a dear friend - we do not agree politically at all - but I love her. When some subject comes up that we do not agree on, we decide to talk about something else. We always end our chats with a big hug and just love each other.

That’s how we’re supposed to be. If we don't deal with our internal battles and struggles and not try to be that beam of light we’re supposed to be, this pandemic or something else will keep repeating until we choose love. 

So Always....Let's Choose Love!

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Morgana Starr is a Spiritual Counselor, The Angel Communicator, Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, creator of the Angelic Arts Psychic Development Program. She was raised by Missionary parents in Africa, attended Bible College, raised two kids as a single parent. Her path led her to study Reiki which opened her psychic abilities. She began to do readings professionally as she continued her studies in Native American and many Ancient manifesting and healing modalities. She is a Native American Sacred Pipe Carrier, Author of two published books, Angels Legacy and Angel Whispers, she is also the co-founder of Angels Oasis and Awaken Institute.

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