Religion vs. Spirituality Part 1: The Misuse of Power

Spiritual practices are designed to connect us to a higher power. True spiritual energy can heal and empower.

It was soon discovered by those in power, that these practices could also be used to control large numbers of people.

By removing the power to change and heal from

You don’t need permission to access Divine source energy. You have the power to do it yourself. Your Angels can help you do just that.

the individual and placing it in the hands of a religious leader, they took on godlike properties and used their power for material and political gain.

Angels are spoken of in religion, because religions recognize their power yet, most religions discourage working directly with Angels. Why? Because Angels fought for and respect above all else, your free will, something that many religious leaders would very much like to control.

Working with the Angels puts your spirituality directly into your hands. Why grovel when you can fly?


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