Responding With Love

Each day does not come with a schedule of  unplanned events or blueprint of the energies or moods you will encounter.

It can be easy to fall into despair when all of those around you are angry or sad. It is easy to feel like a victim when unfortunate events and communications breakdowns seem to bombard you without letting up. 

When you pull away, it may feel selfish and unloving to you, yet sometimes it is necessary. A little "me" time can leave you feeling refreshed and help you to respond to people with a bit more love and compassion. 

When you can't physically, pull away, train yourself to do so emotionally. This is not the same as not caring, it is just staying calm and rational so that you can respond with love and not escalate the negative emotions. 

Lifeguards know that when rescuing a drowning victim, they do not let the person grab them. If this happened, both would run the risk of drowning. A trained lifeguard doesn't panic in dangerous situations. They access the situation, and embark upon the most logical course of action. 

An hysterical, frightened lifeguard would be of no use to anyone and lives could be lost. 

A calm, rational lifeguard is the best person for the job.

When you are confronted by negative emotions. Take a breath. Don't rush to respond. The person may simply want to be heard.

As you inhale, imagine a beam of light pouring into the top of your head from Divine Source. Pull that light down into your heart and send it to the other person. 

This can help to soften your energy and theirs and allow you to respond with love rather than anger or defensiveness. 

When you control your response to the other person or situation, it no longer has power over you. You actually become more loving rather than less.

In doing this, you show love to yourself, which keeps your cup of kindness filled so that you have more to share with others. 

People will respond in one of two ways: They may move away from you as you are no longer feeding into their drama, or they may change their attitude so that you can both have a rational discussion and come to a solution that makes everyone feel better. 

Life will sometimes bring you unpleasant situations, that you cannot control. How you respond to those people and situations is completely under your control. Don't let another person convince you that you are a victim or a trash can for their undesirable emotions. 

Take control of those responses. You have the power! Use it!


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