Rethinking Prayer

From an early age, many of us are taught that prayer is something we "must" do.

We think of it as a way of paying back the great spirit in the sky for the food and material blessings in our lives.

So, what is prayer?

It is a directed thought of gratitude and love. Of course, there is petition involved sometimes, but the prayer is powered by the faith that the thing we are asking for is already there and we are, simply, giving thanks.

Masaro Emoto's work showed that prayer, thought intent and positive words and attention can physically change the structure of water, causing it to form beautiful, geometric crystals.

If we think of prayer in this way, we are not only giving thanks for the food and blessings, but changing them to make them healthier.

The next time you eat or drink, pause a moment and not only give thanks for the blessing, but infuse it with Divine Energy.

You will not only change the way you eat, but the way you feel afterward.


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