Retrograde Solstice: Re-visiting Christmas Past

This Mercury Retrograde gives us a chance to look at Christmas/Yule past and choose the experiences we would like to change and those we will always cherish.

Mercury Retrograde, when it falls during the winter holidays, is a great time to look at your family dynamic, both immediate and ancestral. What happens to us as children can affect our entire lives. When childhood memories surface, Christmas memories are usually quite vivid.

Ask your guardian angel to stand beside you as you look at holidays past. You do not have to re-experience painful memories, just know that they are there and they have influenced your adult decisions. The happy memories are a gift. You can use them to connect with the feeling of joy and raise your vibration instantly.

What Christmas/Yule story does your past tell you? How can you write a happy ending to this story?

Now grab your pen and make it happen!

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