Sagittarius Full Moon Shines on Galactic Center

“New year and new possibilities, therefore get serious about what you want to accomplish and get specific.” This was how the year began with my first blog of 2019 featuring a Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse on January 5. It marked a significant time for manifesting long term goals, with effects of the Solar Eclipse that could be felt over the following six months. This Sagittarian Full Moon on June 17 marks this special time of year with luck, growth, and enthusiasm. Take some time to look back on the first half of the year and how you have grown. What new directions has your life taken?

This Strawberry Full Moon will sing a lighter tune than the intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon last month. Another dynamic aspect of this Full Moon is that it is highlighting the “Galactic Center” located in the constellation of Sagittarius. The Galactic Center was discovered in the west with a radio-telescope in 1932, but this massive center was first documented in ancient Mayan, as well as Vedic texts. These extraordinary cultures believed it was the center of the Universe, and yet it is located 25,000 light years away. They referred to it as the Tree of Life, Heart of the Sky, and the Root. What does this mean for us, you ask? This translates to a time for expansion, divine information presenting itself, and opening the subconscious to release blocks and limiting belief patterns. Be aware of the doors that are opening for you.

The passionate fire sign of Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur archer that is forever aiming to future goals, adventure, and the betterment of humanity. It is the ninth sign of the zodiac that is geared towards principles of honesty, higher learning, and freedom. Jupiter is the planet that rules over the sign of Sagittarius, and due to the fortune-oriented nature of this planet Sagittarians are lucky enough to receive aid through the power of positive thinking. Many will feel that their strengths are being tested in one way or another, but this will prepare you for the big transitions yet to come.

Contributing to the additional high energies is the upcoming Summer Solstice occurring June 21. Those observing and practicing the old ways would recognize this day as Litha, or Midsummer. It is the longest day of the year and a time for celebrating the power of the Sun. It is honoring the warming of the Earth and its magnificent bounty. Everything is in full bloom and it’s the perfect time to celebrate long days while enjoying the outdoors.

This is a sublime time of year to observe your blessings with gratitude and boldly leap over any obstacles that stand in your way. Live the adventure and go beyond the limitations of your mind. Feel the warmth of the Sun, dance beneath the light of the Moon, and laugh with all your heart.

Written by Angels Oasis Resident Astrologer and Angelic Reader Renee Masse

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