Saturn and Pluto Partner Up in Retrograde

Saturn and Pluto not only went retrograde together but are doing so in the same sign – hard working and serious natured Capricorn. This is a grounding sign that represents logic, method, hierarchy, and a tendency to refrain from emotion.

Saturn is the fascinating ringed planet of our solar system that represents hard work, ethic, structure, and karma. It has a “father-like” quality to it as it is focused on discipline. When in direct motion it is a constant reminder of lessons, and tactfully points out where you’re going wrong.

Pluto is the outer most and slowest moving planet that has been in the grips of controversy over recent years due to its size and distance. Some refer to it as a dwarf planet, and some want to discredit its planetary status altogether. It’s named after the god of the Underworld and is a complete powerhouse, more so than many give it credit. The primary focus for Pluto is to support transformation and change in each of us.

We can only wonder how this is going to affect the months to come.

Most hear the word “retrograde” and want to run for the hills because we feel that during the time frame a planet goes into retrograde, we will be shoved into discomfort and inner conflict. Jupiter made this shift earlier in the month of April, helping us to find the silver lining in things that may not have been appreciated at the time (that was mentioned in a previous blog.) This retrograde twosome working in such a solid sign will promote high focus on how to learn from lessons and changes over from the past and grow from them so they can start to work in our favor. Take some time to meditate or write down some of the past challenges you have faced. The ways you may have tripped over your efforts only to fall behind in some way feeling unproductive and stuck.

Some people will notice that the work seems nearly effortless in achieving goals and generating a high degree of focus that is propelling you forward. Others may notice that they are facing challenges by feeling closed in by the walls that surround them, and their growth is restricted. It completely depends on the angles of your natal chart and how the transit of Pluto and Saturn’s retrograde are transiting. If this is the case, there may be something that you have yet to transform in your own life that is preventing these golden opportunities to line up.

It is said that “if you are comfortable, then you are not growing.” It’s nice to feel relaxed and at peace, but we must also undergo serious shifts within ourselves in order to move forward on our path. This is about learning, experiencing, embracing, healing, and releasing. Very similar to the transformative powers of metamorphosis. If the Phoenix never burned, it would not have any ashes to rise from. Take responsibility for yourself and the direction that is going. Are you playing the lead role in your own life? Take time to absorb these words, as they will greatly affect you on your journey until early October 2019.

Written by Angels Oasis Resident Astrologer Renee Masse


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