Saturn Direct: Control and Boundaries

As Fall approaches, we are breathing easier as the dust of the summer's energies continues to wane.

Beautiful, ringed Saturn is direct as of September 6th.

Saturn is the planet of control and boundaries. During its retrograde, we look at our how we feel about control.

Do you need everything lined up, neat and tidy? Do you want to be in charge of every aspect of your life, and maybe a few other people's? Do you hate being controlled or manipulated and feel like you are suffocating?

What about your relationship with boundaries? Do you set strong boundaries and insist that others respect them? Do you fail to set boundaries and feel victimized by all of the trespassers? Do you regularly cross boundaries and take offense when you are told to leave?

Ahhhh.... such stress caused by such a pretty planet.

When we are babies, we have our first experiences with control and boundaries: “You can play with this, but leave this alone. Stay in the yard. Be back before it gets dark.”

Learning boundaries is not the most pleasant part of growing up, but the lessons we learn in childhood continue to influence our adult life.

There are those who work well with boundaries and limitations and thrive on seeing where the lines are. It gives them a sense of order and security.

For others boundaries and control, feel like a prison. Like a wild bird trapped in a cage, they beat their wings against the bars trying to escape.

The ideal boundaries are clearly marked, but allow plenty of room for self-expression.

While the artist thrives on freedom and unbridled creativity, she will remain in her garage with piles of unsold canvases gathering dust unless she learns some discipline. She must take some time to stop creating in order to market her work, or find an agent who will help her in this endeavor.

Conversely, the highly disciplined business woman, mother and wife, might never get to feel the exhilaration of free expression. She feels a sense of duty to her family and would never do anything so irresponsible. Finding a creative outlet would help her to find a sense of balance.

The whole reason children are disciplined is so that they can learn to self-discipline.

When it comes to self-discipline and control, most people fall into one of three categories.

The first are people who thrive on control. They want to have rules to follow and are champions at boundary setting. If they do not have that control, they do not trust themselves to do the right thing.
People in this category, often expect others to live by their rules and standards for behavior. They are more than happy to set rules for others to expand their circle of control.

If they are religious, they expect not only those around them but the laws of the land to live by their standards. If they have weight issues, they will be constantly on the strictest of diets or eating everything in sight, there is no in between. They may on the surface show a life of perfect order, while silently struggling to keep it all together. Sometimes they enforce strict control over one area of life while lax in others: prim and proper at work, only to return to a cluttered, messy home.

The second group resist control at all costs. They may resent even the smallest of expectations of others and will, when on their own, break all of the rules that have been imposed upon them. If they were made to get up early as children, they may choose to sleep in on weekends (and even weekdays). They may eat things that are bad for them and develop health problems as a result. As adults, they may never leave their parents home and take low paying jobs which allow them ample play time.

The third group, has developed a good balance between restriction and freedom. They adhere to certain rules to stay on track, but also allow a little time to relax and even goof off. These are the artists who do well because they balance their time between creating and marketing. They know that the marketing part may not be fun, but it is necessary to get the work out to the public and to pay the bills.

In most people, one of these types is dominant, but you can strive to heal if you fall into on of the first two groups.

This past Saturn retrograde should have revealed which of these types you are. If your life feels out of control, or you miss having fun, you can work a little more structure or playtime to balance your energy.

Here are some ideas for making your life more balanced:

1. Make a list of things in your life that you would like to have more control over. Perhaps you would like a clean, organized kitchen with easily accessible tools and ingredients. Maybe you would like to be able to find all your clothes and shoes when you need them. Your work desk might need a makeover so you can easily find important papers and supplies.

2. Break down the steps. Divide each task into easily manageable chunks that you can easily-accomplish. You can make a small “to do” list or set a timer for 15-30 minutes so that you can work for a short amount of time and don't get burned out trying to do it all at once.

3. Treat yourself. If you cleared out the kitchen, you can cook a meal you have always wanted to try or buy a pretty spice rack to help you stay on track. If you organized the closet, treat yourself to a new outfit, especially if you gave away clothes to make more room. If you cleaned the desk, get yourself a new decoration for it, or better yet, take a day off to play.

The goal of control is to set the kind of boundaries that make your life and your relationships easier. While hard work may seem virtuous, you don't want to be the type of person who spends every waking minute at work and never gets to really enjoy life.

We can certainly move forward with Saturn retrograde behind us, but don't ignore the lessons it provided. It is time to get your life together, so you can really enjoy it.

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