Scorpio Emotions as Full as the Moon

What do each of us know about peeling away the layers down to the core of what makes us, us? And at that, how do we find the time to take on such a task? The energy building up to the Scorpio Full Moon on Saturday, May 18th is about just that. Scorpio is such a powerful sign for intense work, spiritual transformation, and getting to the heart of the matter. With the Full Moon shining brightly in the sky back at you it is beckoning for you to release the excess baggage. A cycle has reached its conclusion and it is deep within yourself that you will find the answers. What is blocking your authenticity? Be patient with these emotions. The effects of this powerful moon energy are already high and can be felt for three days before and after the peak of its fullness. This is a lingering energy for a reason.

Acknowledging the New Moon in Taurus two weeks ago, there was much emphasis on self-care. Taking time to pamper and self-indulge was a crucial component, and if you ignored these suggestions, the Universe may have just forced you into it. They are teachable moments for us to learn. We are always on the go, rushing from one place to the next. Trying to get to work on time, having to pick up the kids, getting dinner ready, etc…and with 24 hours in a day, what is left for us? How often do you notice that you are feeling guilty for taking the time for a hot bath, reading a good book, basking in the sun, taking a nap, exercise, and meditation?

The truth is that at the core there is a sense of fear that stems from a lack of love. There is an authenticity and genuine love that is pleading with us to be rediscovered. Peeling away the layers that we have placed there over the years are closely guarding this deep love, and the fear that has replaced it was initially to protect us. Over time this fear takes over, blocking love, and stunting spiritual growth and expansion. It’s mostly connected to the love that we have for ourselves, which is unlike any other love you will ever experience.

Love is the most important thing you will ever do in your life. It begins with loving ourselves, and until we can love ourselves properly, we cannot love and serve others properly. Consider the powerful healers and wise teachers that came before us, and how much love they must have held in their heart to be able to perform miracles and collectively change the course of humanity. Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Muhammad, Joan of Arc, and Dalai Lama, just to name a few. What would you do if you could not fail?

Happy Full Moon and here’s to falling in love with you!

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