Seeing Past Your Own Energy

When people are trying to see auras for the first time, they often do so by staring intently at the person to try to see the energy around them.

That rarely works and most learn that you must at least partially close your eyes to see the energy around the person.

That works to  a degree as well, but in order to truly see an aura, to understand what the colors and shapes mean and relay that information back accurately, it is best to close the eyes.

When you are looking with your eyes open, you are seeing the person through your own aura. If your aura is blue and the person you are viewing has a yellow aura, you might see it as green.

When you close your physical eyes, you are forced to depend on your third eye or spiritual vision. It takes time to learn to trust this sense, but with practice and persistence, you will get there.

The same thing happens when we “read” who a person is. When someone new comes into our lives, society tells us to look at things like eye contact, handshake, what a person does for a living and how they behave in general.

We may judge a person as “lazy” if they have no job or little money. A person who has trouble expressing themselves may be seen as “stupid.”

Just like as with the aura viewing, we must go within and look at the person with our  spiritual eyes.

The outer traits can fool us. When we shut out society’s judgment,  and biases based on our own positive or negative experiences, we can begin to see the person for who they really are.

A person who acts gruff and aloof may be one with a tender heart that has been broken many times. A promiscuous person may have been sexually abused by a family member and has learned to equate sex with love. A child having a tantrum in a store may be autistic and behaving that way because he is overloaded and doesn’t have the tools to handle the emotions.

While wanting to be a healer and “spread the light” is a noble pursuit, it is not one to  be taken on unless we are willing to face the darkness.

Not everyone who comes to you for healing will be sweet and pleasant. That might mean that they need the healing even more.

While you should never tolerate abuse in any form, reaching out to those whose energy might not resonate with can be an exercise in compassion and empathy. The more you are able to see the beauty in others the more beauty you will have in your life.

Everyone has a story. When you are willing to listen to that story as told by the author, you get a clearer more accurate picture of what they are trying to express.

When you superimpose your story or energy over that of another, you can sometimes see what you need to heal, but that doesn’t help the other person.

Forget what your five senses and society tell you about how a person “should” be. Shut out the outer distractions and look clearly.

When you can see the inner Divine in an outwardly wounded or unpleasant person, you have truly become a healer.

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