Seeking Unity

As tensions rise in our world, acts of violence have become more common.

As terrible as these occurrences are, we make them worse when we continue to seek separation in response.

The more unified we are the less the need for violence.

In most cases, our response, rather than seeking to help and comfort the victims, is to find someone to blame and make it known that you are separate from them.

"It wasn't us, it was _____________"(insert religion, political party or some other organization).

This action continues the separation and almost guarantees more violence to follow.

Instead of being the first person to rush to post an opinion on social media, how about looking deeper? What motivated this individual? What is the fear behind the act? How can we heal this fear in our world so that this doesn't have to happen again?

While it may not be the popular action to take, it will do more than clicking "like" or posting an angry emoticon.

We share the same planet and hold the same spark of Divine Source. It's about time we started acting like it.

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