Smelling the Roses

Imagine you are walking through the most beautiful garden.

Your eyes are treated to an amazing array of colors and shapes.  Your nose detects a huge number of scents competing for your attention. Your breathing and heart rate relax as you listen to bird songs and the soothing sound of water running through a fountain.

Near the base of the fountain is an old, cracked, rusty pipe.

Are you going to spend your garden tour looking at the pipe or the  rest of the idyllic scene?

This is what our news and sometimes social media do to us. They would have us look at the small percentage of "bad" and ignore all of the "good" going on in the world.

This does not mean ignoring the negative stuff. You can make an effort to fix or cover the pipe so  that no one trips or gets hurt on it, while still appreciating the flowers.

Use your vote, your money, volunteer time or just your smile to help make the world a better place.

Just don't forget to smell those roses. We came to Earth to fix the pipe so that we could enjoy the rest of the garden.

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