Solar Eclipse and Our Inner Planets

In this Summer of Retrograde, we have reached another important event. Today there is a solar eclipse. This is the third eclipse this summer and the final one of the year. 

The solar eclipse inspires new beginnings. This eclipse in Leo, highlights our hobbies and things that we feel passionate about. What have you enjoyed doing in the past that you no longer do? It might be time to start it up again.

What did you enjoy as a child that you are no longer "allowed" to do as an adult? Did you paint? Play an instrument? Sing or dance? Look for classes or buy a book or do an internet search of something that makes you want to giggle and squeal. Have some fun with this (but keep it legal)! 

On the more cautious side, two planets that affect our personal lives are still retrograde: Mars and Mercury. 

This can make relationships challenging on the romantic, platonic and business level. 

This is a good time to look at your communications style. How are you communicating when people are really understanding and "getting" you? When are you most likely to be misunderstood? What are your least and most effective ways to get your point across. 

Be proactive. Don't be a Mercury Retrograde "victim." Know that communications will be challenging and adjust your words and correspondences as needed. Be understanding when others don't understand you, as you may need for them to do the same. 

Mars is also retrograde. With the energy of Mars, Leo and the Sun, there is lots of fire in the air. Physical fire, as we are seeing in the Western US as well as anger. You probably see an increase of this anger on the news and in social media. 

This is an excellent time to look at how we express our anger. Are we physical? Manipulative? Controlling? Passive-aggressive? 

How can you diffuse that angry energy and use it for a positive purpose? You might go for a walk, clean the house or dance furiously in the privacy of your home until the feelings of fury, relax into motivation which can help us get things done in our lives. 

This eclipse gives us the  opportunity to re-create ourselves in a constructive way. Don't stare at the sun, but keep your spiritual sight open. 

As the light and darkness combine with retrograde planetary motion, we can see a bit more of the truth than normal. We can run from those truths or use them to create the best lives we have ever had.

Now is the working part of that re-creation. Now is a time of learning and reflection. 

Look around at your life and analyze. Take action only after careful consideration and proofreading your work.

The more you work on personal transformation right now, the greater the reward as Fall approaches and the planets start to move forward.

Ride the energy of this eclipse, (cautiously) into a new life.


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