Solar Eclipse July 2018

A new moon and solar eclipse join forces on July 12th. 

While this might shake things up and leave you feeling emotional and unsteady, it also gives you an opportunity to start anew and clear out the stuff that has been holding you back. 

When you signed up for this Earth journey, your soul agreed to this roller coaster ride. While it may look terrifying, all the safety features are in place and the bar is locked and fastened. 

It may feel a little scary, but you will survive. In fact, knowing that you will survive, is half the battle. 

You don't have to scream in terror, you can laugh and enjoy the rush. You are not here to suffer, you are here to learn, grow and thrive. Sometimes the exams will challenge you, but if you relax, you will be able to remember what you have learned and apply it. 

When you don't like what your eyes are showing you, go inside. Ask what actions are in your best interest. Meditate and take the supercharged emotions out of the picture so you can make rational decisions. 

Above all, don't resist change. Relax and see where each new course adjustment takes you and learn all you can from it. 

Rest, play and indulge in self-care.

If it feels like a shake up, it is just a wake up! So make a pot of coffee, put on some great music, smile and get on with your day! 

You might just pass this exam with an A+ and extra credit!

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