Solar Eclipse Supports a Nurturing New Moon

New Moons bring in energy for creating new plans, endeavors, and adventures! The energy connected to the New Moon grows with its light for two weeks until it reaches its peak, and the moon is full. Full Moon energy helps us to understand what is no longer needed and to release it. However, in the case when there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2 followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 16, this surge of manifesting energy lasts for six months! That’s what we experienced in January of this year, and that is what we are experiencing again in July.

The hidden light of our beautiful lunar orb indicates a time of renewal, as the sun and moon share a “conjunction aspect,” meaning they cannot be more than six degrees apart in the sky. If you can picture a 360-degree circle, this places them very closely together. This proximity and the placement of the Earth is what blocks out the light of the Moon, as it is observed between the Sun and Earth. However, in the case of the Solar Eclipse, the Moon lines up perfectly between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the Sun’s light for a short period.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is symbolized by the crab. The crab is the crustacean of the sea that possesses the hardest exterior and the softest interior. Cancer must work with underlying insecurities and fears of ridicule, which is what prompts them to keep their guards up. The hard exterior will protect their very soft interior. It is ruled by the Moon and the love that they feel will last a lifetime. They are the most moveable of the water signs, being open to compromise and reason, but can be perceived as stubborn and cranky. They are extremely sensitive and will move heaven and earth for those they hold dear, especially their children.

This powerful gateway to change will bring on much needed energy that supports and nurtures this transition. As Cancer is a maternal sign that represents the home and family, it reminds you that you too will be provided with the gentle motherly guidance and comfort you need. Due to the Solar Eclipse, often individuals become concerned with the surges of energy and how they will be impacted. This surge does call us to heightened states and to connect with the feminine divine power of Archangel Anael to cultivate change for higher purpose. She is the protector of all that seek her, she is the compassionate wisdom that lights the path, and she is the healing love that will mend your broken heart.

This is a perfect time to immerse yourself in bodies of water for a fresh start; purifying and cleansing older energies making room for the new. The ocean is the best place for this since it is so closely connected to the Moon and the sign of Cancer. However, if you are unable to get to the ocean, a swimming pool, bath, or shower will serve just as well. It’s all about the intention and the energy you are pouring into it. Take some quiet time to yourself and think about what you are trying to draw into your life.

Try this manifesting exercise:

Begin by calling in Archangel Anael for protection and guidance. You may also find it helpful to light some candles or incense and find a comfortable space for meditating and writing. Try taking a walk outside in the morning or evening to connect with nature. Anything that helps to clear your mind and make room for your higher self to come into awareness. Allow images, words, colors and symbols to come into your mind’s eye. Let your imagination be your guide.

When you are clear on what you would like to manifest, connect with the element of water and visualize old energies being washed away. Water deeply corresponds to emotions, therefore cleansing away negative feelings and clearing energetic blocks is also something powerful to imagine. Then take time and visualize what is to come. What you are manifesting and setting intentions on? Allow this energy to come in and synchronize with your own as you become one stream of consciousness. Once you are finished, take a deep breath and thank Archangel Anael for her support.

Written by Angels Oasis and Angelic Astrologer and Reader Renee Masse

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